Mixing and Matching

Crafty people would all know this stage, I call it mix and match, its when you are starting something new and looking around a shop or online, you already have a basket full of possibilities but you are still needing that one item, or possibly two items, that will just tie it all together and make it one of those wonderful masterpieces. Anyone reading this been in that position? I’ve been in that situation many times.

Bead lovers will love this next business, it is certainly a wonderland for them and perhaps people making a quilt or bag and wanting to add a little extra to it. This business is one where you can walk in, or take a look on their website and within a matter of moments, have so many possibilities that you forget what you were looking for in the first place.

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Selonj Beads & Craft is an Adelaide business located at 46A Churchill Road in Ovingham, if you have trouble finding the business, it is on the left side of the road as you head North on Churchill Road, about 400 meters from the Churchill and Torrens intersection and just before the corner of Clifton and Churchill Road. The building has above it in big white letters on a black background ‘Bush Ballad Collectables’ which is the business next to it. There you can find some lovely pearls if you are looking to make a pearl necklace, add them to a bag to give it a bit extra, glass beads or stardust beads, charms, drops and even pendants, books and so much more.







If you have maybe never done beading before then don’t panic, they hold classes for both the beginner and the professional beader, there are also regular classes in basic techniques so don’t worry if it has been awhile since you picked up some beads, you can slide on into one of these classes to refresh your memory 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mixing and Matching

  1. I spent lots on a trunk sale to get all of the silver, bronze and copper I would need for beading over the next two years. The trunk sales are more affordable because you can buy metals in bulk by the gram. The gems, pearls and stones, I buy as I need them. In a few more weeks, I plan to take more classes in more challenging techniques that involve using seed beads. I have more fun at the Bead Bar than I ever had at any other bar in town 🙂

    1. Fantastic, I haven’t done beading in years but I still have everything I made in a little dilly bag somewhere. I worked with seed beads and tried working with a loom and then just needle and thread and I gotta say, there really is some talent out there because I know it takes a lot of patience to make a necklace out of seed beads. As a kid, any store selling beads was a weakness for me, the colours just sucked me in 🙂

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