Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

While undertaking day-to-day tasks in my previous job, I got chatting to other staff members about what hobbies they had and there was one which really surprised me. Who would expect that someone in their early 20’s would be a glass artist, not me that’s for sure but I certainly took my hat off to her, some of the art she made was impressive. Though one thing I remember her saying was how hard it was for her to get time using a kiln, so this post is for all the glass artists out there, introducing you to a wonderful site that has has all you need to make some amazing glass art, certainly a great hobby to do during winter šŸ™‚

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For those in Brisbane, Queensland you’ll more than likely find this a convenient business to drop in to. It won’t matter at all if you have never worked with glass before as they hold courses at the location and you can have a read up on these courses on their website. Not only that, you can buy all you need to make your wonderful creations from Kilns and chemicals, tools and metals, along with molds and patterns. Heres an interesting one I hadn’t thought about, you can also get all you need to make your own glass beads, how cool is that šŸ™‚








Hartley Williams is easily accessible at 32 Kremzow Road, Brendale near the air, rail and sea port terminals of Brisbane, not only that, it is within close proximity to the national highway network which greatly increases their efficiency in delivery.


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