They’re Among US

Anyone recall when there were suddenly all these crop circles appearing and they were all on the news? It seems crop circles aren’t all that have found their way on the ‘who created that?’ list, some have been here and visible for many many years.

Atlantis, Asian style – Yonaguni-Jima, Japan

We’ve all heard the story of Atlantis, haven’t we? A city that was plunged under the sea, some say people are supposed to still live in this city, not sure how, maybe it exists in a bubble.

yonaguni-island-japanYonaguni-Jima will certainly give you the impression that Atlantis did exist, perhaps not where we thought. Diving here you can see all kinds of amazing ruins of buildings, what look to be temples and even a pyramid! It appears these ruins were something of a village or fortress built on a hilltop. Nevertheless, there are some pretty amazing things to see at Yonaguni-Jima.



Ring of Stones – Stonehenge, Ireland

5000 years on and we don’t seem to be any closer to solving the mystery behind this amazing creation and now, tourist attraction. Some say it was a meeting place or a place for ceremonies while others say it was a calender of sorts.

moonrise stars Stonehenge Wiltshire England UKWhatever you may believe, you have got to hand it to those who created Stonehenge, it really is an awe inspiring site, I wonder if they thought it would create as much worldwide publicity and debate as it has.


Prank, Weather or Aliens – Crop Circles, England

We may never know just how these amazing patterns came to be but one thing you can be sure of, they are very detailed and very complex.

_krugi1Crop circles first began appearing in the 1970s and around the Wiltshire town of Avebury they have a spiritual place with the locals where, coincidentally, you can find stone circles. There is about as much known on these stone circles as there is on the crop circles, a place of mystery. I wouldn’t spend my time worrying about it, relax, enjoy and take in the sights 🙂


2 thoughts on “They’re Among US

  1. My husband has been watching those history channel shows about aliens in our past, and he’s convinced it’s true. I am more of a skeptic, although it would be interesting to find out I have alien DNA along with the Neanderthal DNA.

    1. I’ve actually had my own little run in with them about 7-8 years ago, it certainly is something you never expect and afterwards leaves you wondering if it really happened or if it was all a dream. Which is why I wrote down what was happening as it happened, date, times and all. Then soon as they left I raced in and told my Mum and her response was ‘why didn’t you come and get me, I would have loved to have seen too!?’ I was flabbergasted, but glad she believed me, I’d dragged her out of bed to look up at the stars and she saw something that certainly wasn’t a star, that way I wasn’t looked at like a raving lunatic.

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