Burning Ring of Fire

I’m often thankful that I live in Australia, with no active volcanoes anywhere near me, its one less thing to worry about, though from what I hear, they are very impressive and quite spectacular to see when they do erupt.

Going out with a BANG – Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, Lesser Antilles

In 1995 this volcano quite literally blew it’s head off! After 400 years of sleep Soufriere Hills decided to awake in true fashion by erupting and demolishing at least a third of its own height, not only that, this volcano is in the middle of the Caribbean and rendered the island of Montserrat practically uninhabitable. There goes that holiday 😦

Soufriere Hills after the eruption.

Ten years later everything calmed down to the point where the airport on Montserrat opened again but this was short lived as in 2007 the volcano erupted once again. You can still go to the island however the crater is certainly off limits for obvious reasons but you can go to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory on the slopes of the volcano.


Exploding cornfields – Paricutin, Mexico

Picture this, you are a simple corn farmer, looking out over your crop only to experience an eruption from, of all places, the middle of your cornfield, are you sure that was just corn you planted? Believe it or not, this is pretty much what happened with Paricutin, Mexico during WW2, a 410m high cinder cone rose from the earth and lava flowed over an area of about 20 square kilometers.

Paricutin in the background with the church spire in the foreground.

All this lava unfortunately engulfed two villages, all that remains to be seen of these two villages is the church spire which can be seen poking out from the lava. Despite all the destruction, if you use a little imagination to see it in a new light, then you can run, jump and slide down the volcanic sand to your heart’s delight.


Inside Another – Gunung Bromo, Indonesia

Mother nature truly is amazing, who would have thought you could have a volcano inside another volcano. You can find this interesting phenomenon in eastern Java, hard to miss it, its 10km wide and covered by a sea of sand and a trio of volcanic cones. Gunung Bromo is not the highest volcano in the group, that title belongs to the highly active Gunung Semeru.

Gunung Semeru behind Gunung Bromo.

Most hikes to Bromo take the Probolinggo approach, beginning with a walk at the top of the crater wall at Cemoro Lawang, you then cross the Sand Sea to view a spectacular sunrise atop Gunung Bromo.

5 thoughts on “Burning Ring of Fire

  1. Really interesting post, thanks for sharing!
    I suppose with all the deadly animals and bitey things you have in Australia, it’d be really unfair if you had volcanoes as well!

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