Compensating for something?

We all have that one friend who perhaps has a bit of an ego, be it their car that is always polished to perfection that they wont let anyone ride in, their HUGE T.V that they just love to sit in front of all day or perhaps its the carpet in the house where everyone MUST remove their shoes before entering the house.

Whatever it might be, I doubt it is anything compared to what these next few people have done all around the world, Some might be ones you have seen before and thought nothing of, but back in their day, it would have been something big.

King of Bling – Chateau De Versailles, France

Is looks as thought Bling has been around for hundreds of years and Louis the 14th is a prime example, sure he was the King of France but did you know that in 1664 he built the Chateau De Versailles which is said to befit his own sense of self importance. Importance indeed, this man saw himself as second only to God.

The gardens are impressive, not a leaf out of place, gorgeous designs throughout the premises, fountains and water features dotted here and there, the entire grounds scream ‘Look At Me’.

The perfectly manicured gardens

Louis didn’t just leave it at designer grounds, oh no, he also made sure the Chateau itself was impressive, though if you ask me, he overtook impressive and went straight on to mind blowing.

Those amazing ceilings and walls


Look at Me – Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy

If this doesn’t just ruin your special day then I don’t know what will. Emperor Constantine didn’t only have a bit of an ego, he was also a bit arrogant, in 315 A.D he put together an archway, not something new, but from pieces of art he fancied. All well and good to show off art but there is a bit of a twist to this one.

Constantin’s Arch

The end result of this mix and match of art was an arch way that spanned the Triumphant Road, quite a name for a road. The Triumphant Road was the road that new emperors processed on their way to being crowned, so while on their way to being crowned, they would be forced to see and acknowledge Emperor Constantine’s eternal glory.


A Commoner’s Dreams – Hearst Castle, California, USA

Just to show that the common person can achieve some pretty amazing dreams, this next one is on William Randolph, yes he was a newspaper magnate, but the last two were a King and an Emperor.

Hearst Castle

William Randolph wanted to build a little something so he said, well his little something was quite something, he named it Hearst Castle, it boasted 165 rooms, more than one pool, in fact several, the estate was forever receiving additions, mosaics, sculptures and get this, it even has its own airport. Talk about the old saying ‘a man’s home is his castle’.

One of the many pools

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