Fording Rivers, How about Fording Countries. Final Bridge.

You would think that this bridge would have to be huge to connect two countries, any guesses where it might be, what two countries does it connect.

Actually, this bridge is only 16km long and you can journey along it by rail or road, it is a double track railway AND a dual carriageway, though if you want to get technical, it isn’t all bridge, a bit of it is actually tunnel and the switch from tunnel to bridge happens on, wait for it … a man made island called Peberholm in the Oresund Strait. Give up?

The Oresund Bridge emerging from the tunnel to the bridge.

This bridge and tunnel joins Copenhagen in Denmark with Malmo in Sweden, quite an engineering feat if you ask me. Amazingly it only took 4 years to complete the project. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met midway across the bridge-tunnel to celebrate the completion on the 14th of August 1999.

I’ve been told that when you emerge from the tunnel to the bridge, it appears as though you are floating on water, instead you are on a bridge, snaking your way across the water on a cable-stayed structure with pylons towering some 200m into the sky.

The Oresund Bridge.

Definitely the way to travel if you are not keen on flying or like to take your car with you to save on renting one or catching public transport. The views also look wonderful, not one to miss if you are in the area šŸ™‚

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