The Amazing Mother Nature

Mother Nature does some pretty amazing things all day every day with wonderful ease, you just gotta know where to look, I’ve managed to find three phenomenons that happen around the world and all are pretty amazing.

Lightning but no Thunder – Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela

We all know that when there is an electrical storm there is always lightning, some even say that you can judge how far away the lightning is by how long it takes to hear the rumble of thunder.

Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela

How about going to a place where there is no thunder, instead only lightning and sometimes the lightning is so strong and frequent that you can read a book by the lightning flashes alone.

Bit unusual isn’t it, it is said to be the world’s largest single generator of ozone. I’ve always been one to enjoy a good electrical storm, sitting out the back and watching the lightning flashes on a warm summers night.


Raining Fish!? – Rain of Fish, Honduras

I thought the saying was Raining cats and dogs not raining fish, apparently though, raining fish is not a saying, its an actual event. Every year in June or July during the storms over the town of Yoro, within the downpours appear thousands of silvery fish which can then be seen flopping around on the ground.

Raining Fish

If you ask any local, they believe that this phenomenon is an act of God with the origins tracing back to a 19th century Spanish missionary. This Spanish missionary prayed for a miracle to feed the people and so these fish that come down in the downpours are the answer to his prayers to feed the people.


Surfs Up – Pororoca Tidal Bore, Amazon River, Brazil

For the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike, you can surf all day at the beach but it will be nothing compared to the thrill and rush you will experience when you ride the Pororoca Tidal Bore in the Amazon River. Doesn’t make sense does it, theres no real waves to ride in the Amazon River.

Pororoca Tidal Bore, Brazil

The trick to this tidal bore is the moon which creates the longest tidal wave on earth. You’ll have to be up early for this one though, while you wait in the predawn light, you’ll know its coming, the monkeys will be screeching and then, you’ll hear the roar of the 4m wave.

The record at this point is a 12.5km ride which lasted 37 minutes.

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