Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Give up the day today life and relax in a ‘cosy’ country house with maybe 15 bedrooms, a couple of pools and a grand entrance of course. This would quite possibly be the type of dream many of us share in some form or another, maybe not 15 bedrooms though.

There are some people out there who have actually achieved that great desire which many of us strive towards, owning our own home. Some have gone perhaps a little overboard with the design or decorations but each is stunning in its own way.

Rags to Riches – Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Malaysia.

Cheong Fatt Tze himself left China as a penniless teenager and ended up as the ‘Rockerfella of the East’. In 1880 he created his wonderful mansion which boasts 38 rooms and a whopping 220 windows.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

The wonderful thing about his mansion is the balance of Eastern and Western designs throughout, with louvred windows, art nouveau stained glass and stunning floor tiles, not to mention a rare example of the eclectic architectural style that was preferred by wealthy Straits Chinese of the time.

Don’t go feeling that this is just a place to walk through and look at on tour, you can actually stay in this exclusive hotel, simply go to http://www.cheongfatttzemansion.com

The Grand Gold Rush – Werribee Mansion, Australia

During the gold rush in the 19th century Melbourne was the richest city in the world! This is certainly evident with the Werribee Mansion, it has got to be the grandest of the grand. Behind the Werribee Mansion, in a separate wing you’ll find the Mansion Hotel and Spa, thats right, you can stay at this wonderful five star mansion with day spa and restaurant.

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Werribee Mansion

This lovely mansion was completed in 1877 in the Italianate style by the Chirnside family, who were Sheep farmers. Surrounded by charming formal gardens which include a lake, glasshouses a grotto and even a sculpture walk. You can also find the Victoria State Rose Garden within walking distance which displays a whopping 5000 roses to perfection.

Chateau, Palace or Castle? – Chateau De Chambord, France

Francois the first had this 16th century chateau built so he could hunt deer and hang out with his mistress, like a “man’s shed” only on a larger scale. It boasts the famous double-helix staircase, the two helixes ascent three stories without ever meeting. Another amazing feature is the Italianate roofing terrace, be prepared to feel as though you are in a village with all the towers, chimneys, cupolas and domes.

Chateau De Chambord

So it was built by royalty, doesn’t mean you can’t have one just like it, maybe on a slightly smaller scale though, perhaps with less towers and chimneys. I feel that if I stood up there with all those chimneys, I would be half expecting a chimney sweep to appear and the music ‘Chim Chimney’ to start playing from out of nowhere.

But, if it is on your list of places to see, have a look here at what other people have said and more information on this impressive chateau.

2 thoughts on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

  1. Subsequently, after spending several hours on the internet eventually We’ve discovered an individual in which definitely will know what these are discussing cheers a great deal fantastic post

    1. Thank you so much Joseph, its a little bit of a learning curve for me but I am loving it, learning about what it out there in our world. I’m glad my posts have helped you too 🙂

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