Who came up with that idea?

Art these days really can be interpreted in many many different ways, you can see this in the art galleries around the world and on the streets with all the graffiti that either looks, to some of us, like scribble, and then there is the graffiti that really has got a lot of detail in it and so it looks great. But have you ever come across a sculpture or a piece of art that just doesn’t look right?

I’ve come across three that just make me turn my head side ways and think ‘What were they thinking!?’

Hail to the Syringe – Enema Monument, Zheleznovodsk, Russia

The trusty syringe, unfortunately this isn’t the syringe we all think it is, if you know your medical instruments, or just looked up the word ‘Enema’ you would have pretty good idea of just what kind of syringe this is.

In Zheleznovodsk, Russia they thought to do a little tribute to this piece of medical equipment in the form of a bronze sculpture of three angels carrying a 360kg syringe bulb.

Ename Monument, Russia

At the unveiling of this monument there was a banner strung up with the lovely message of ‘Let’s beat constipation and sloppiness with enemas.’

An Ogre – Kindlifresserbrunnen, Bern, Switzerland

Very well known sculptures, especially on postcards are these 11 decorative fountains which date back from the 16th century, all of different folklore characters and historic figures. They say the most famous of them all is in Kornhausplatz: The Kindlifresserbrunnen or Ogre Fountain.

Ogre Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen), Bern, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Ogre Fountain

Depicting an Ogre in historic clothing, with two children in a basket, one under his arm and another head first in his mouth! If you have misbehaving children then this might just be the place to take them.

Bit of This and That – Memento Park, Budapest, Hungary

Some countries are so very proud of their leaders, current or past that they erect statues or monuments in their honor. Memento Park in Budapest, Hungary is no different except for maybe having the widest variety of these statues, including ones from the scrapheap.

Memento Park

Lenin and Marx are the favourites for this park which hosts over 50 different statues, busts and plaques. The most recent relics being erected back in the late 1980’s, there are even replicated relics of Stalin’s boots, which incidentally, were all that was left after a crowd pulled his huge statue down in the 1956 uprising.

Memento Park

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