Bitten by the Bug

We’ve all been bitten by the bug at least once in our lives, I’m not talking about mosquitoes or the flu, I’m talking about a hobby or something you do once and just fall in love with it and have to keep doing it over and over again.

I grew up watching Mum sew and knit, grandma knitted too, so it was pretty hard for me to not follow in their footsteps. I learned to knit before I was even 10 years old, not that it was anything impressive, kept dropping stitches or making them too tight. Then, in the last couple of years I’ve moved on to sewing and in particular quilting.


Thanks to this rather enjoyable hobby, I’ve developed an impressive list of businesses and enjoy sharing with you just what they have to offer, it helps to get people out and about, finding new places and hobbies, even Mum asks me from time to time which business is a good supplier of what.

Today I closed my eyes, pointed my finger at the list and landed on a business over in Western Australia called Carol’s of Midland, everything needed to start up a new hobby ofย  sewing, upgrade what you have or add to that ever towering pile of fabrics already stored in your little craft room.

They have a Hooterville quilt kit, I’m set ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking through the long list of quilt kits, you can see why it is such a great store, quilts for new born babies, cot quilts, kids quilts for both boys and girls and then there are the quilts for the adults. They don’t only stock kits for quilts, they have kits for cushions, table runners and bags too. Don’t panic, if you haven’t got all the accessories they’ll help you out there too, they supply cutters, self healing cutting mats, Janome machines and Pfaff machines and all that goes with these machines.

If you have never done quilting or sewing before in your life then don’t be scared, at Carol’s of Midland you can take a class and learn how to make some of the most basic of designs right up to the more intricate, you’ll be snuggling up to a gorgeous patchwork quilt in no time ๐Ÿ™‚



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