Impressive Canyons and Gorges

The most well known would be the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA and also Kings Canyon in Australia, so I’m going to avoid these and talk of three others that you might not know.


The Canyon Within – Fish River Canyon, Namibia, Africa

Who would have thought you could find a canyon within a canyon, in Namibia you can. Fish River Canyon measures 160km in length and is up to 27km in width, not only that though, the amazing inner canyon reaches a depth of up to 550m.

Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon, Namibia, Africa

Figures don’t give a very good impression of this canyon, they rarely do, canyons as with all of natures spectacles, need to be seen with our own eyes. You can take a five-day tour, 85km hike which is half the length of the canyon itself, this hiking route though is only open from May to mid-September and you will need to book in advance.


Deeper than the Grand Canyon – Canon Del Colca, Peru

100km long and plunging from 1000m to 3000m in depth is the Canon Del Colca, set among 6000m high volcanoes. Canon Del Colca is actually the second deepest canyon, the one that takes that title is Canon Del Cotahuasi, a neighboring canyon.

Canon Del Colca, Peru

You can take a two-day hike into the canyon or a five-day hike, keep an eye out for condors, the biggest of the birds of prey.


Leaping Lizards! – Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

One of the deepest in the world at 16km in length and 3,900m from top of the snow capped mountain tops to the water of the Jinsha River. Best time to explore this gorge is in May up until the start of June when the hills are covered in plants and flowers.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Hikers once thought that hiking through this gorge was an obscure adventure but lately it has become one of the top things to do when in the area. Hiking this splendid gorge can take 3-4 days but if you are strapped for time you can do it in two days

3 thoughts on “Impressive Canyons and Gorges

  1. Thanks for sharing the info. about these canyons. They look amazing. Until I read your post, I’d never heard of them. I also like some of the smaller canyons. One of my favorite national parks is the Badlands in South Dakota.

    1. I’ve never heard of half the places I write about until I write about them. I learn a lot in the process too which I like. I pick a topic, find 3 of them and go from there. I like to stay away from the well known places and find some not so well known places 🙂 I have to say on this topic, I’ve never been to a canyon or a gorge but I’m not about to say I never will.

    2. I have just looked up the Badlands in South Dakota, it looks amazing! Like a while different places, all the colour and the shapes, I can see why you like it.

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