Incredible life under the waves

Whats the first creature you think of in terms of sea life, fish right? Just your average fish, but there is a lot more living under the waves than you might think. I’ve found three that are just amazing in their own special way.

Pretty Little Horses – Sea Horses, Sulawesi, Indonesia

I’ve always loved horses, whether they are found on land or living in the ocean, just something about them is so magical. Also love the parenting that happens between them with the male being the one to give birth to the hundreds of babies.

Seahorses 02
Pygmy seahorse
Seahorses 01
Pygmy seahorse









Sadly though many sea horses are endangered because of how beautiful they are and also because of believed medicinal uses. I think they are wonderful creatures and should be left to live their quirky yet beautiful lives, how many other creatures in the sea swim upright and hold onto coral and each other with their tails?

If you have never seen a seahorse with your own eyes but want to, then you can go diving at the Wakatobi Resort in Sulawesi where you can see the beautiful pygmy seahorses.


Mermaids – Dugong, Philippines

Once thought by sailors to be mermaids, the Dugong is one of the mysterious creatures of the sea. Very similar to the Manatee, the Dugong is also called the ‘Sea Cow’ as it eats marine grass for at least half the day, surfacing every 20 minutes for air.


No longer hunted in huge numbers like it used to be, the Dugong is a very relaxed sea creature and can be quite curious, because of its size its only real predators are sharks, orcas and crocodiles.

Want to see these strange yet beautiful creatures, then make your way to Palawan Island in the Philippines where you have a good chance of seeing some Dugong. You can catch a ride with Pioneer Expeditions for a guided tour of these waters.


Spiky Royalty – Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish, Egypt

This has got to be the bad boy of the starfish world, brightly coloured yet covered in thorns, not just any thorns, these thorns pack a serious venomous whack, so be very careful if you ever come across one of these.

Crown of Thorns
Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

Starfish in general are incredible creatures, what other creature do you know has eyes on the ends of its arms, can grown an arm back if it gets cut off, breathes through its feet AND can remove one of its stomachs to help with digesting its prey?

If you are interested in seeing the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish the best place to go and see them is in the Red Sea, in particular the hull of Giannis D wreck located in the Straits of Gubal.




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