Stunning and Gorgeous

I’ve loved patchwork quilting since I started it as a bit of a hobby a few years ago, though I have to admit that some of the fabric really isn’t that eye catching or inspiring and so you are really having to get intricate with your designs to make the most of the fabric so the end result is eye catching and flows well.

While adding to my huge list, I found a site I wish I had found a long time ago, they stock some amazing panels which are simply breath taking. You can pick from 6″ square panels to 17″ square panels, all are beautiful. There are even sets offered such as Seashell Delight, Magnolia Sky, Leafy Katydid plus you can have a look at Peoples Creations. Certainly value for money and very inspirational.

Some of the many fabric patches from Naturesface

Naturesface is located in Queensland though they do not give a business address so all your shopping will have to be done online on their website and they offer free postage worldwide on all fabric patch purchases. The patches are made from Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric and you can view larger images to see more detail.

I know where I’ll be buying a pile of fabric for my next patchwork quilt 🙂

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