Need 4 Bead

Beads are a wonderful touch with just about any form of artwork, add a couple to an embroidery and you got something detailed and beautiful that has a sparkle and catches your eye. But for those of us who are well and truly hooked on beading or just starting to create some mater pieces, I know how you feel when you find a new business to shop at.

I’ve come across another bead business you can add to your list, located here in South Australia in Pooraka or you can of course shop online on their website. Need 4 Bead focus mostly on Seed and Bugle beads, they also have a range of Pendants, Findings and Crystals, all of which are well priced.

Need 4 BeadNeed 4 Bead also have their own Blog along with an Events section where you can keep up to date with what markets and fairs they will be at. With all they have to offer, I would be surprised if you can’t find a thing to work with.

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