Rub a dub dub how many in the tub?

Having a lovely soak in a bath is a wonderful little indulgence after a hard week or even after a hard day, generally we just have a bath at home, provided we have a bath. How many of us go one step further and go somewhere a little bit special for a relaxing soak in a tub?

I’ve found a very romantic place place for a bath, a bath that would delight most men and another that is perhaps a little different but all would be relaxing and enjoyable. So lay back in that tub and have a read of three of the bath houses on offer around the world

100% Romance – Les Bains De Marrakech, Morocco

Looking for somewhere romantic for a honeymoon or perhaps you are looking to put a bit of romance back in your relationship? Have a look at Les Bains De Marrakech in Morocco, it is said to indulge all you One Thousand and One Nights fantasies.

Les Bains De Marrakech 01
Les Bains De Marrakech

With its courtyards, sparkling fountains, carved alcoves and delightful scatterings of rose petals to add to the romance how can you not feel loved here? πŸ™‚ As well as the traditional bathhouse experience including a scrub-down with black soap and wire mittens … there is a gentler experience, how about a chocolate body massage or even a candlelit bath for two, oh and between treatments, feel free to sprawl out on a comfortable pile of cushions and drink mint tea.

For a romantic time away in this lovely bath house, click here to see just what they have to offer.

Something for the men – Chodovar Brewery Beer Baths, Czech Republic

Ok, how many men out there love beer? How about bathing in beer? Yes you can actually do that. At the Chodovar Brewery they have large stainless steel tubs, including tubs for two, filled with a specially brewed bathing beer, add to that some crushed herbs and then topped off with a creamy foam ‘head’ and its as though you have shrunk and are floating in your very own pint of beer.

Beer Bath from Chodovar Brewery, Czech Republic

Wait, it gets better, while you are soaking up the beer bath you can have a glass or two of the local brew from the bath side bar, accounts say its good for the pores πŸ™‚

A trip to the Beer Wellness Land can be organised here.

How Roman – Vinotherapy, France

We’ve talked about a beer bath how about a wine bath? For all you wine lovers this could be just for you. To start off with you are rubbed with grape seeds and then smothered in honey, oil, wine yeast and then submerged in a wine-casket, this isn’t a small casket, you’ll be submerged up to your neck. This is what they call Vinotherapy, sounds very Roman if you ask me. For this interesting treatment you will need to go to Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux.

Les Sources de Caudalie FE511 Barrel Bath 05 large
Vinotherapy tub

Apparently bathing in all this is supposed to be better for you than drinking it, in terms of beauty that is, they say it has the power to reduce wrinkles, stress and even cellulite. But don’t worry, you don’t just sit there and soak, this treatment occurs at a vineyard where you can enjoy all these bath ingredients the traditional way, as a glass of wine of course.

If you would like to plan some vinotherapy for yourself, please click here, word to the wise, strictly no drinking the bath water.

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