Winter Blues

I’ve been so busy running around getting things for this lovely patchwork quilt I’m making, which unfortunately I can’t share due to it being a Christmas gift for a family member who is already on the look out wanting to know what it is. I’m now in the stage of cutting out all the material and laying it out to make sure it is all going to fit, no sooner do I relax and slow down a little to enjoy and make sure it all goes right, then what happens … I get a cold 😦 I should have kept running around, maybe I could have avoided it that way.

Needless to say, the next few days are going to be a mix of tricking myself into taking cough syrup to get rid of the nasty cough, warm soup, plenty of naps and I think relaxing on the couch or in bed knitting might be in order. I’ll be over the moon if I manage to get more done on the quilt.

I was at Mum’s house a couple weeks ago helping her move house and she told me about these huge bags full of wool that she had and wanted to get rid of. She actually tried getting me to take them all and get rid of them, I had to tell her I didn’t have the room but wouldn’t mind having a browse to see if there was something I liked. I found some lovely colourful balls of wool and a lot of this strawberry milkshake coloured Angora wool. The rest of the wool went to a nursing home I believe, it would have been like Christmas to them there 🙂

I’ve decided I’m going to make a lovely shawl with the Angora wool and it is coming along nicely, though it seems to enjoy moulting all over me as I knit it, thankfully it is easy to brush off. I would love to say that I am a very experienced knitter who knows all the tricks of the trade but unfortunately I’m not, kind of letting the team down as Mum and Grandma are really good with knitting needles. I just go along ‘knit one, purl one, knit one …’ you know how it goes.

Some of the designs and styles out there are really quite something.

Shawl 1
Shawl 1
Shawl 2
Shawl 2

I would love to create something as beautiful as either of these, someday, I’ll get the right needles, the right wool and a lot of time to learn the stitches 🙂

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