I’m on My Way, From Misery to Happiness Today

Who out there doesn’t love music, it flows through many of us in all forms, meditation music to help relax after a hard day, techno for those nights out and maybe a little bit of rock for those enjoyable house cleaning days.

For the devoted music enthusiast what better way to go on holiday than to stop in at a couple of famous music sights, Graceland is a very well known one but I think I know of three others that are sure to be hits.

Soul Music – Motown Historical Museum, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Most people enjoy listening to a bit of soul music, its nothing too heavy and not light enough to put you to sleep but instead it often puts you in a good mood and you find yourself bopping and dancing down the street or around the house.

Some might not know just what Motown has to do with soul music, the Motown Museum is a string of unassuming houses that became known as ‘Hitsville USA’, the Motown sound, thanks to Berry Gordy was the Motown label which was was soul music with a distinct pop influence, such artists include Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and of course Michael Jackson.

Motown Museum, Detroit
Motown Museum, Detroit

Stepping into this museum is like taking a step back in time to when these artists were actually there and recording their own songs and some of their greatest hits.


Country Gathering – Golden Guitar, Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

Though it is not a museum, the Big Golden Guitar is Australia’s icon for country music and Australia does have its fair share of talented country artists. This wonderful guitar was erected in front of the very well known Longyard Hotel located on the Sydney Road back in 1988. Australia’s most popular country music artist, the late Slim Dusty was given the honor of unveiling this magnificent tourist attraction.

The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth
The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth

The best time to come and view the Golden Guitar would have to be when the Tamworth Country Music Festival is on in January where an estimated 50,000 people gather to celebrate the festival and country music itself. Though if crowds are not your thing then December might be a better time, crowd and weather wise.


Party Pad to Respectable Hotel – The Clarence Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Once a regular party pad for U2 and The Edge, this hotel was up for sale in the 1990’s and surprise surprise, bought by U2 and The Edge who invested in its restoration. Though if you are looking for memorabilia or celebrity sightings I’m afraid you are more than likely going to be out of luck. There are other reasons for staying here though, for example the Tea Room which is actually a very up market restaurant and of course Cocktails in the cosy Octagon Bar.

Clarence Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Clarence Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

The Clarence Hotel is located in Temple Bar which is the city’s party district, so if you are wanting a good night out on the town and good music then you won’t have far to travel.

I would love to know if anyone reading this has been to any of these location or any other music sights 🙂

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