This is my Mumma Duck

Hi to all my followers, so sorry it has been a long time between posts. I’ve just completed a course which was very time consuming but the upside is that now I am qualified to run my own small business (YAY!), exciting times ahead.

On top of that I have been a shoulder of support for a very close friend of mine (Mumma Duck) who is battling with breast cancer along with an amputation. I would like to say that she is on the road to recovery and things are looking up at this stage, she really is a fighter.

Myself and Mumma Duck

I’ve been helping to get her out of hospital into the fresh air and sunshine, away from the smell of the hospital and all the gadgets that beep not to mention the dull and boring surrounds of the ward.

This has all been a challenge for her as she is an interstate truck driver and this is the longest she has been away from trucks for years. We’ve all been getting behind her and supporting her as much as we can because on the highways here she is a well known figure, most know her as Ducky, but to me, she is Mumma Duck.

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Best thing so far is that Skitzo (yes some of us do have some crazy nicknames), with the help of Wild Steel, has put together some clothing to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. We do hope that having ‘Skitzo’s fighting for a cure‘ is not taken the wrong way and seen as offensive, we all know him as Skitzo and he is a great guy who is doing his bit to help find a cure, nobody likes to lose a loved one.

Skitzo's Fighting For a CureIf you like any of the above clothing, please go to Wild Steel, type in the search bar, Skitzo’s, and it will bring up the breast cancer clothing for purchase.

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