Secrets, secrets and oh why not, one more secret!

I have been busily working away on the biggest quilt I have ever made, and unfortunately I’ve also been neglecting my blog which was once a hub of activity.

This quilt which I have called ‘Shamwari’ is a Christmas gift for a family member who is keeping a close eye on everything I post anywhere on here and on Facebook 😦 So I can’t go showing you all how good it looks. For me, it is impressive considering I am only using a sewing machine to make it, no long arm quilting machine in this household.

To give you an idea of just how big this quilt is, grab your tape measures ladies and gentlemen, it is roughly 250cm square. The quilting I managed to finish earlier this week, miraculously I didn’t lose myself in the quilt during this process as I’ve nothing flash to work with. My great grandmother’s extendable table, which has really come in handy, and a Janome sewing machine, oh and of course the lounge room floor.

The final finishing touch of the quilt is the binding, I’m going for something a little special, some lovely silk ribbon. I’ve done this before when I made my first sleepingbag which was for my little niece. Really makes the whole thing a bit special.

After this I have the joy of making two matching pillow cases, because the quilt is something a bit special and different, it would be a bit difficult to get pillow cases to match, so with a couple bits of leftover material, I’ll create a matching set 🙂

Can’t wait to finish it and be able to share it with everyone, its been a surprise for far too long.

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