Too hot to knit?

Despite the recent hot weather, I’ve found it very relaxing to sit in my grandma’s old recliner, rocking away gently while I knit. Certainly not knitting something that I’ll be able to use until Winter comes.

Last night I finished off this lovely Pom Pom knee rug, I found a couple of balls of it in a store near home and just had to try it, I’ve never tried knitting with anything like it before and before I knew it I was well on the way to making something lovely.

The softness along with the thickness of the blanket gives you instant warmth and comfort as soon as you put it over your legs. Even before I had finished the blanket, I took it to a friend’s place and showed her and she said I could almost use it to make pillows.

Pom Pom knee rug.
Pom Pom knee rug.

My next project, my wonderful fiance would love a scarf made out of the same wool. Seems I am always up to something 🙂

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