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For those who might not know, Squnches Craft Network started out as a niggling little idea. Every time I would search for Australian craft businesses or suppliers, I would have to search for half the day to find what I was looking for, or, I would end up going to places like Sporlight or Lincraft (sorry!). I saw a need for Australian handmade craft businesses and also suppliers to have their own little niche in the wide world of internet. A place where anyone can find them and see what these fantastic businesses create and supply, somewhere easy to find where everything is right at your fingertips without having to search the internet for half the day.

Not only that, it had to be affordable, not all businesses starting out have bags and bags of money I understand that completely, so listing prices had to be fair, and honestly I do think the ones on here are fair, especially when you take into consideration there are other directories which I have stumbled across that offer nothing more than what I am offering yet feel they can charge upwards of $250 per year! Highway robbery if you ask me, you all work hard on your businesses and you work hard to get your business name out there. So in return we offer affordable listing prices with all the perks, all you need to ask yourself is, how long would you like to list your business?

If you really think about it, what we offer is time, we’ll advertise your business not just on our website but on other social media sites as well. We take a lot of the advertising off your hands and in return, you get more time with your family and friends and to work on your wonderful creations. But it doesn’t stop there, we also offer a place where you can easily find what markets are coming up and where, and also upcoming showcases and it’s all so easy to find and check back on. PLUS, markets, events and showcases are all listed FREE. Why, you might ask, we list them all for free because we understand that some showcases are held to raise money for charities, same with some markets and events, not only that but organising a market and event takes not only time but money too and we feel that is better in your pocket so that you can continue to hold these wonderful events and markets which not only help promote businesses but bring a little something to the community.

If you are wondering, yes this is an all Australian made and run business/website, I am a real person, not just a computer screen and I do enjoy getting my craft on when I get a chance, I also like dropping into markets and meeting some of the lovely people behind the businesses and purchasing a few of your creations. So keep an eye out for me when you are next at a market, I might just be there having a look around.

If there is anything you would like added to the website, please feel free to send us an email at squnchescn@gmail.com would love to hear from you.




Founding Director

Squnches Craft Network http://www.squnchescraftnetwork.com.au

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