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Need 4 Bead

Beads are a wonderful touch with just about any form of artwork, add a couple to an embroidery and you got something detailed and beautiful that has a sparkle and catches your eye. But for those of us who are well and truly hooked on beading or just starting to create some mater pieces, I know how you feel when you find a new business to shop at.

I’ve come across another bead business you can add to your list, located here in South Australia in Pooraka or you can of course shop online on their website. Need 4 Bead focus mostly on Seed and Bugle beads, they also have a range of Pendants, Findings and Crystals, all of which are well priced.

Need 4 BeadNeed 4 Bead also have their own Blog along with an Events section where you can keep up to date with what markets and fairs they will be at. With all they have to offer, I would be surprised if you can’t find a thing to work with.

Heavenly Beading

Well I was out with my trusty list, once again with the eyes closed and I pointed with my finger landing on a Beading businesses this time. My old weakness thanks to all the colour of the beads that would shine and sparkle at me, begging me to buy them and make a gorgeous necklace or bracelet.

All the colour, the variety, the possibilities, its all so much here in this business for those who love beads 🙂 Bead and Crystal Heaven is the business for today, located at The Entrance in N.S.W or right at your fingertips online, whichever you prefer.

One item that this business has in spades is Swarovski items from crystals, pendants, fasteners and even trimming, if Swarovski is your thing then you will be right at home here. They also supply plenty of other beads such as cats eye beads, cloisonne, Czech and even handmade glass beads, plastic beads along with resin just to add a couple more to the list.


Now everyone knows that if you are working with beads then you need something to string them on and you can find that in this store too, plenty of artistic wire, bead thread, elastics, chains and even cords, everything the happy beadworker could ever want.

If this is perhaps the first time you’ve heard of this business, take a peek at their website and see if it’s something for you, never know, you could just find yourself a bargain. 🙂


Beads on the West Coast

While surfing the net and adding to my wonderful list of craft suppliers, I located a beading business over on the West Coast near Perth that looks well and truly worth while, with all you need to create something wonderful, even if beadwork is daunting to you, they hold classes where you can get all the know how and be making beadwork like a professional in no time.

beads genearl

If you are a bead enthusiast and looking for a new business to have a look around or you are after something in particular you can find Pearls, Crystals, Findings, Glass Beads, Glue Guns and millions more along with stringing materials.

Their website is well worth a look and it is always great to look local. Opening hours are from Mon-Fri 9:30am to 5pm and also on Sat 9:30-4pm, next classes are in July in Osborne Park.

Chic chic chickybabe

Another little gem for the crafty bead workers, this time in Victoria.

I’ve noticed while checking out a lot of these businesses that they each have their specialties, some go all out with very elaborate beads, others prefer to have more of the well known styles, some hold classes and some don’t.

Chicky Babes Beads has a bit of everything though just looking at their website I’d say they go for the more artistic beads and jewellery styles, nothing wrong with that at all 🙂 They are very encouraging with classes and insist that anyone, no matter your skill level, can jump on into a class and make a wonderful piece of jewellery, be it a necklace, earrings or a bracelet.

Some of the jewellery you can create at Chicky Babes Beads


If you are just wanting to pick up a kit then you’ll find a wide variety to choose from, more than 100 I would say and each have all you need to make the item. So if you are in the Shepparton area of Victoria,  drop on in to 41 Glenlyon Avenue and pick yourself up a couple of packets of beads or a kit or two 🙂

If per chance you are not in the area or not even in the country, then have a look on their website and perhaps put a couple items in your little shopping cart 🙂


Mixing and Matching

Crafty people would all know this stage, I call it mix and match, its when you are starting something new and looking around a shop or online, you already have a basket full of possibilities but you are still needing that one item, or possibly two items, that will just tie it all together and make it one of those wonderful masterpieces. Anyone reading this been in that position? I’ve been in that situation many times.

Bead lovers will love this next business, it is certainly a wonderland for them and perhaps people making a quilt or bag and wanting to add a little extra to it. This business is one where you can walk in, or take a look on their website and within a matter of moments, have so many possibilities that you forget what you were looking for in the first place.

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Selonj Beads & Craft is an Adelaide business located at 46A Churchill Road in Ovingham, if you have trouble finding the business, it is on the left side of the road as you head North on Churchill Road, about 400 meters from the Churchill and Torrens intersection and just before the corner of Clifton and Churchill Road. The building has above it in big white letters on a black background ‘Bush Ballad Collectables’ which is the business next to it. There you can find some lovely pearls if you are looking to make a pearl necklace, add them to a bag to give it a bit extra, glass beads or stardust beads, charms, drops and even pendants, books and so much more.







If you have maybe never done beading before then don’t panic, they hold classes for both the beginner and the professional beader, there are also regular classes in basic techniques so don’t worry if it has been awhile since you picked up some beads, you can slide on into one of these classes to refresh your memory 🙂

Beads Galore

Years ago when I was a child I used to love beading, I even had a loom and used to make some gorgeous necklaces and chokers too. Trouble for me was that there were not many places around to buy beads, I didn’t live in the city and the internet was only just taking off.

Now days you can find pretty much everything you ever dreamed of right at your fingertips, so I went back and found a beading site that is just the sort I would have loved to have in my little home town.

Bead Them Up is a wonderful store, also online, where you can find everything your beading heart desires, unless of course you make your own beads. They offer classes for those just learning the craft or wanting to expand their skills, many projects for all skill levels and they even offer repairs.

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Now they don’t look to supply the little glass beads at this stage, they instead supply gemstones, pearls and swarovski beads which are really eye catching, and if you find some beads you love but don’t know what to do with them, have a hunt through their projects, you could just turn them into a lovely pair of earrings 🙂

If you are in N.S.W and close to their address of Shop 3, 284 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate, drop on in and have a look, they have far more to see than I could ever hope to put on this post 🙂

What a fun filled delight

No matter what your craft is, be it beading, sewing, quilting or if you are wanting to make something lovely for your baby or a friend’s, or just wanting to take up a creative and relaxing little hobby, you should definitely have a look at Needleworx.


They will supply you with everything you need and more, I had a look at their website and was blown away by the variety and amount of stock they have, really you should have a look too, or if you are in the area, drop in and see them at the corner of Sams and Wiletts Roads in Mackay, Qld. Downside is that their site does not have photos to show what all the products look like. I have emailed them and it looks like something they are working on due to the huge number of products they have in store.

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