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Let it snow … but not here

There are only a handful of places here in Australia where it snows, all of these places are up in the mountains, so if any of us here ever want a snowball fight, that is where we have to go during winter, which for us, is not at Christmas time.


Linda from Embroidery Garden has found a way we can all enjoy a good snowball fight, even inside, provided you don’t knock anything over or break anything.

Linda has created these really cool snowman snowballs with adorable faces on them, who could resist?

Snowman Snowballs by Linda from Embroidery Garden.
Snowman Snowballs by Linda from Embroidery Garden.

So now, snowball fights at Christmas time aren’t just for those of you lucky enough to be living in the Northern Hemisphere πŸ™‚

Exciting times ahead

With my course completed and a determined look on my face, I’m putting together a website for all the creative, arty and crafty people. Targeting Australian business for now, but don’t let that stop you, if there is enough interest then I will be expanding overseas πŸ™‚

Squnches Craft Network is more than just a directory, it brings together the whole of the craft community. Whether you paint with brushes or airbrush, sketch, create bead work, make candles or beautiful cakes, everyone is welcome at Squnches Craft Network.

Everything your little heart desires, in terms of art and craft, can be found on this page. It will take awhile to add businesses but until then the community is welcome to come and be a part of it, share their own creations, let people know what businesses have what stock in store and so on.

The Squnches Craft Network is on track to be online on November 1st this year, so exciting! Craft is a passion of mine and I have dabbled in a few from sketching to knitting, patchwork quilting, beadwork and also crochet πŸ™‚ Anyone is welcome to come along and register to use the site, its free. Businesses can have a look at the business listing deals we have going. We do ask that people don’t advertise to sell their products on this page, if you wish to sell then you need to be a registered business and list your business on the site πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, in my spare time away from working on the website, I have been busily working on this crochet blanket, the patchwork quilt has taken a back seat for the moment but will still be completed for Christmas. I’m a little more excited about the blanket at the moment with all the colours, that and it is a lot easier to work on while relaxing on the couch and watching T.V πŸ™‚

So far I have 50 of the squares made and another 5 of the little rounds completed, already it is looking like it will need more wool.

50 squares and 5 rounds
50 squares and 5 rounds

The challenge for me has been keeping the center of the rounds nice and small, some of these easily fit on my little finger like a ring haha. – Coming Soon!!

Colourful and cute

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks working on a fantastic surprise for all of you πŸ™‚ Can’t tell you what it is yet, you’ll just have to wait.

I’ve also managed to get some more done on my Sunburst Crochet blanket, still not perfect at it but it is something that is really enjoyable. I’d always seen blankets like this that are solid colours so I’ve chosen to use multicolored wool instead of changing all the time.


I haven’t quite got them all perfect and the same size but I am hoping that this won’t matter too much. This blanket is certainly going to be an original and it will only get better from here.

Anyone out there thinking they would love to add a little colour to their bed, their couch or just wanting to create a lovely blanket, then this is certainly the one for you. It is not very difficult at all and there are plenty of sites where you can easily learn the steps to making these colourful little squares πŸ™‚


Snowed Under

Posts have been few and far between lately, class has been keeping me very busy but I have still managed to find time to be creative πŸ™‚

We all need time to relax and unwind and I do that in the evenings, after all my studies are done for the night.

I’m working on making crochet sunbursts, they are really cool and easy to do once you get the hang of them and I’ve been able to do them while snuggled up on the couch with the TV going πŸ™‚

1270158_10153182920605591_1824826110_ocan’t wait to see the end result, not sure yet about crocheting a white or a black border around them all. I’m going to be getting some more multi-coloured wool tomorrow with any luck, don’t think I have enough left of this ball to make enough for a blanket.

I really should finish some projects, I’ve got two other UFOs on the go at the moment and one has a deadline of being a Christmas gift.

I hope to create a blanket as gorgeous as this, only bigger.

Crochet sunburst blanket
Crochet sunburst blanket


Winter Blues

I’ve been so busy running around getting things for this lovely patchwork quilt I’m making, which unfortunately I can’t share due to it being a Christmas gift for a family member who is already on the look out wanting to know what it is. I’m now in the stage of cutting out all the material and laying it out to make sure it is all going to fit, no sooner do I relax and slow down a little to enjoy and make sure it all goes right, then what happens … I get a cold 😦 I should have kept running around, maybe I could have avoided it that way.

Needless to say, the next few days are going to be a mix of tricking myself into taking cough syrup to get rid of the nasty cough, warm soup, plenty of naps and I think relaxing on the couch or in bed knitting might be in order. I’ll be over the moon if I manage to get more done on the quilt.

I was at Mum’s house a couple weeks ago helping her move house and she told me about these huge bags full of wool that she had and wanted to get rid of. She actually tried getting me to take them all and get rid of them, I had to tell her I didn’t have the room but wouldn’t mind having a browse to see if there was something I liked. I found some lovely colourful balls of wool and a lot of this strawberry milkshake coloured Angora wool. The rest of the wool went to a nursing home I believe, it would have been like Christmas to them there πŸ™‚

I’ve decided I’m going to make a lovely shawl with the Angora wool and it is coming along nicely, though it seems to enjoy moulting all over me as I knit it, thankfully it is easy to brush off. I would love to say that I am a very experienced knitter who knows all the tricks of the trade but unfortunately I’m not, kind of letting the team down as Mum and Grandma are really good with knitting needles. I just go along ‘knit one, purl one, knit one …’ you know how it goes.

Some of the designs and styles out there are really quite something.

Shawl 1
Shawl 1
Shawl 2
Shawl 2

I would love to create something as beautiful as either of these, someday, I’ll get the right needles, the right wool and a lot of time to learn the stitches πŸ™‚

Snuggly Bag

Ok so it has been awhile since I’ve been on here to delight you with some wonderful new posts, but I am now back and happy to share more posts with all you wonderful people who enjoy a good read πŸ™‚

Something wonderful and amazing happened last week, I finally finished that cosy little sleeping bag I had been working on for far too long, and I have to say I am delighted with the end result.

467826_10152849263190591_1512637121_oSorry to say though, I don’t have a pattern or design to share with you for this lovely sleeping bag, I worked from my imagination on this one πŸ™‚

Since I couldn’t really put the lovely warm wadding in this one like what is in shop bought sleeping bags, I thought to make it warm in another way, make one side out of a fleece type material to help keep in the warmth.

Measuring 105cm X 72cm (odd figures to work with but that is how it turned out) while zipped up and 105cm by 142cm when completely unzipped out to a quilt/blanket.

I used an open ended double zip so that if one side is too warm, you can zip it up the other way and have it a bit cooler. The zip handle is a little chunky but I find that better on a sleeping bag, for me there is nothing worse than having to hold the little zip handle with the very tip of your fingers. Also it is a plastic zip which I found to be very handy as I had to shorten the zip and to create a whole new stopper it required using one of the teeth I had removed, placing it between two end teeth on one side and then heating it (I used one of my partner’s cigarette lighters) so it melted which then allowed me to melt and squeeze the three teeth together with the help of pliers.

To add a little bit of style, I used some light pink ribbon binding around the edge as I feel that it would be much more comfortable and much softer to the touch for a little child, especially on their face.

Scones, Fabric and Family

So today was Mother’s Day here in Australia and I think Mum got spoilt just a little bit.

After spending yesterday afternoon at my brother’s for a lovely barbeque, he gave her a beautiful tea set including some delicious tea leaves (Mum has already had 2 cups of tea, must be good). This afternoon was spent at my house where she was given a beautiful bunch of flowers, a card and a bottle of wine, also, a cappuccino with fresh baked scones with a dish of cream and a pot of jam πŸ™‚

After some relaxing and chatting we went out and did some girl stuff and left the boys at home to relax and watch T.V. First stop on the list was a fabric shop for some fabric to go with the new quilt she is making.

We spent at least half an hour wandering around trying to find just the right kind of fabric before settling on the lovely selection in the photo below.


I can’t wait to see the progress of this adorable quilt πŸ™‚

After the shopping was all done it was off to our next stop for a bit of a treat, KFC where we bought the giant feast (there was 4 of us to feed) and Mum was given a Happy Mother’s Day card which entitled her to a free 3 months subscription to 1 of the 3 magazines on offer. What a lovely surprise!

After we had well and truly filled our bellies we had a bit more of a chat, looked through some quilting magazines and before we knew it, it was time for Mum to head on home.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum, hope you had a wonderful day πŸ™‚

Patchwork quilt filled with love

I was having a lovely Mother – Daughter chat with my Mum earlier tonight about this weekend and Mother’s Day on Sunday. My Brother finally managed to get in touch with her about Saturday night and they are having a lovely barbeque dinner, which is all well and good but I was still running around like a headless chook trying to find something for Mum.

Mum had said she would love a nice cushion kit or pattern and so far I hadn’t had any luck finding one. So the topic came up again tonight and she said she saw a quilt on my Facebook page that she absolutely loved.

Going back over the posts I had put up on my page I found the quilt she was talking about, I have to admit, it is pretty gorgeous and I can see her making one just as beautiful.

The name of the quilt is The Scrap-Patch Hearts

198860_531988770180989_1945865433_nLuckily enough for us, typing in Scrap-Patch Hearts into Google brought up the link to the free downloadable pattern, which I am sure Mum is happily printing out right at this very moment.

This isn’t the whole gift I am giving Mum, no there is more to it. Over the weekend I’ll be taking Mum around to some of the lovely fabric shops I’ve found here and buying her some colourful material to use in the quilt. I’ll be sure to keep you posted with what she ends up buying and I’ll see if I can pop up a post of the finished product.