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Fantastic offering

Finally the website for Squnches Craft Network is ready to launch tomorrow on November 1st.

This has been a huge dream of mine for so long, it started out as just a little idea, then a dream and then something which nearly consumed me, to make the best interactive craft business directory around, one that was fun, exciting, full of information and a gallery of photos, where anyone can be a part of it no matter their craft or experience level.

With the help of a really good friend from Inspire Media the website was put together with some really cool software, anyone wanting a website no matter how big or small should get in touch with these guys, they really are fantastic!

For the launch of the website we are offering an amazing deal to all Australian craft businesses.

50% off

Business Listings
Business Listings, currency is Australian dollars

I will let you all in on a secret now, we are already thinking of expanding to included overseas businesses.

This site was created thanks to a lot of input and many wonderful ideas from everyday people and businesses themselves, it is expected to become something huge!

Not just an ordinary directory, there is a gallery for photos of business stock, your own projects and creations, a calendar for upcoming events where people can comment if they are attending or not and where in the event they might be situated, not only that but a sales section so that any registered and listed business can advertise their upcoming sales.

Its the one stop site for craft businesses and craft minded people, no more searching all over the internet to find what you are looking for, take a look at this site and within moments you can find just what you are looking for.



Bitten by the Bug

We’ve all been bitten by the bug at least once in our lives, I’m not talking about mosquitoes or the flu, I’m talking about a hobby or something you do once and just fall in love with it and have to keep doing it over and over again.

I grew up watching Mum sew and knit, grandma knitted too, so it was pretty hard for me to not follow in their footsteps. I learned to knit before I was even 10 years old, not that it was anything impressive, kept dropping stitches or making them too tight. Then, in the last couple of years I’ve moved on to sewing and in particular quilting.


Thanks to this rather enjoyable hobby, I’ve developed an impressive list of businesses and enjoy sharing with you just what they have to offer, it helps to get people out and about, finding new places and hobbies, even Mum asks me from time to time which business is a good supplier of what.

Today I closed my eyes, pointed my finger at the list and landed on a business over in Western Australia called Carol’s of Midland, everything needed to start up a new hobby of  sewing, upgrade what you have or add to that ever towering pile of fabrics already stored in your little craft room.

They have a Hooterville quilt kit, I’m set 🙂

Looking through the long list of quilt kits, you can see why it is such a great store, quilts for new born babies, cot quilts, kids quilts for both boys and girls and then there are the quilts for the adults. They don’t only stock kits for quilts, they have kits for cushions, table runners and bags too. Don’t panic, if you haven’t got all the accessories they’ll help you out there too, they supply cutters, self healing cutting mats, Janome machines and Pfaff machines and all that goes with these machines.

If you have never done quilting or sewing before in your life then don’t be scared, at Carol’s of Midland you can take a class and learn how to make some of the most basic of designs right up to the more intricate, you’ll be snuggling up to a gorgeous patchwork quilt in no time 🙂



What a fun filled delight

No matter what your craft is, be it beading, sewing, quilting or if you are wanting to make something lovely for your baby or a friend’s, or just wanting to take up a creative and relaxing little hobby, you should definitely have a look at Needleworx.


They will supply you with everything you need and more, I had a look at their website and was blown away by the variety and amount of stock they have, really you should have a look too, or if you are in the area, drop in and see them at the corner of Sams and Wiletts Roads in Mackay, Qld. Downside is that their site does not have photos to show what all the products look like. I have emailed them and it looks like something they are working on due to the huge number of products they have in store.

BVBB 4942002


Another Hidden Craft Treasure

I’ve been digging and digging some more and been delighted with the Australian fabric and craft businesses I’ve been unearthing, absolutely delighted. All too often I see all these flash adverts for businesses overseas, all well and good but why not see what we have here in Australia.

House_with_roses_ns tumblingboxesns georgiamayns

Maggie Robertson Design is the lovely little business I’ve located today, if you are in Victoria  then perhaps take a drive to 132 Traralgon, Victoria and have a look at the wide range of fabrics and projects available for the keen quilter along with the beginner plus those interested in making a bag.

Of course, if you are not in the area then you can purchase online here

This certainly is one of Australia’s hidden little gems 🙂


Crafty Christmas

Christmas this year took a little more effort than previous years, by that I mean I put in more effort into many of the gifts I gave because, I made them instead of buying them off the shelf. Remember those little bags I made earlier? Well I made a few more and they looked smashing, though I have to admit, some just didn’t want to go together so I came up with a couple little tricks and they came together so well.

20121015_210510Not completed in the photo but I was delighted with the materials I found and stuffed each of them (once completed) with some lovely little surprises from soaps, shower gels, bath bombs and even chocolates 🙂 A little bag of heaven for just about any woman.

My next little spurt of creativity was also in the form of a bag but one a little different, while its not ‘shop quality’ I have got the basics of it done and can see where I can make improvements, it was a real boost to my confidence as I didn’t have a pattern and I was just using some left over material to put it together, just to make a ‘demo model’ you could say.

20121211_093847There are 2 pockets inside, big enough for keys and a mobile phone, plenty of space inside for all kinds of bits and bobs, all I need to adjust is how stiff the material is I guess you could say. This one at the moment, as soon as you put your bits and bobs inside, it loses its shape, something I need to work on with my next attempt. Aside from that, I think its pretty good for just going off an idea in my head 🙂


Between the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking and the cuppas, I put together yet another of my cute little bags, this time a red one for another good friend of mine, Monique. Just because I can and because its nice to make people smile 🙂

On top of this, I made progress on another 5 of these little cuties.

All thats missing on these sweeties are the handles and the lining, I’ll keep you posted and show you all the finished products 🙂

This has certainly boosted my creativity level, not to mention my confidence and happiness too 🙂

Getting my creativity on

I have certainly got way too much on the go these days, I spent much of yesterday scanning heaps of photos of me when I was cute, that was a long time ago! One big bundle of photos down and a suitcase full at Mum’s to go. Silly me for saying I might just do a bit of scrapbooking … sometime … someday … before I die.

So now I have that out of the way, until I go to Mum’s and grab another bundle, today I grabbed some material needed to work on a quilt I have planned to drape over the recliner which is looking a little old and unloved. Trouble is while I was at the shop grabbing some material for that, all this other material that was on special just suddenly jumped into my hands! It still amazes me how that just seems to happen when I am in a craft and fabric shop.

With the quilt all set out and just about ready to stitch,

I am left wondering why the heck did I grab all this other material and what am I going to do with it!? Then I looked back at that cute little bag I made not so long ago as a Birthday gift for a close friend and I am left here thinking, I could make more of those and give them away as gifts OR I could sell them and buy more material to make more pretty things. Guess which idea is winning at the moment.

For those who may not know the type of cute bag I’m talking about, I’ve attached a picture below to show you just what a creative little person I am 🙂

It certainly is a wonderful size, easily fits keys, mobile phone, purse, little packet of tissues, lip gloss and whatever else you may want to put in there. Might just have to make one for myself now that I think about it.