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Secrets, secrets and oh why not, one more secret!

I have been busily working away on the biggest quilt I have ever made, and unfortunately I’ve also been neglecting my blog which was once a hub of activity.

This quilt which I have called ‘Shamwari’ is a Christmas gift for a family member who is keeping a close eye on everything I post anywhere on here and on Facebook 😦 So I can’t go showing you all how good it looks. For me, it is impressive considering I am only using a sewing machine to make it, no long arm quilting machine in this household.

To give you an idea of just how big this quilt is, grab your tape measures ladies and gentlemen, it is roughly 250cm square. The quilting I managed to finish earlier this week, miraculously I didn’t lose myself in the quilt during this process as I’ve nothing flash to work with. My great grandmother’s extendable table, which has really come in handy, and a Janome sewing machine, oh and of course the lounge room floor.

The final finishing touch of the quilt is the binding, I’m going for something a little special, some lovely silk ribbon. I’ve done this before when I made my first sleepingbag which was for my little niece. Really makes the whole thing a bit special.

After this I have the joy of making two matching pillow cases, because the quilt is something a bit special and different, it would be a bit difficult to get pillow cases to match, so with a couple bits of leftover material, I’ll create a matching set 🙂

Can’t wait to finish it and be able to share it with everyone, its been a surprise for far too long.

Dedication, Patience and Faith

Some of you may already know about my business and upcoming website, which has taken a little longer than expected.

Many months ago it all started with an idea, an idea which was not only to help myself with locating things on the internet but also to help others. I’m crafty and creative by nature, holding down a 9-5 job in an office is not my idea of work, its more like a prison sentence and many other crafty people will agree with me here.

Offices felt like a prison

Due to the situation at the time and people telling me to ‘get a real job’ or ‘get a normal job’ I went ahead and worked in these offices day after day, week after week, month after month never really succeeding in working in an enjoyable business.

The only thing for me to come out of working was the pay, it wasn’t the kind that would make me wealthy so I could afford everything I ever dreamed of, but it was enough for me at the time to save up and also spend a little on myself, that was until the stress of everything going on at work started making me sick.

I wish

Work is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, something you get out of bed for and can’t wait to start because you are so excited to see just what the day has in store. This job just wasn’t it. Due to a wonderful happening, I met my amazing partner and a couple months later I threw in the towel and gave up work, I was stressed almost beyond repair, 27 and it felt like I was having a mid life crisis already.

After some time off to recover I then started to wonder what I was going to do next, we couldn’t survive on just his wage, I couldn’t expect him to do all the work for the rest of his life, that wouldn’t be fair on him.

I took to pen and paper and wrote a list of all the skills and talents I have, all the qualifications and also all the things I enjoy doing the most and I came up with a wonderful business idea, but that was all it was, just an idea.

A wonderful idea
A wonderful idea

Determination played a big part in transforming this idea into reality, determination which came from me seeing the situation we were in and thinking ‘enough is enough’ I wasn’t about to see my wonderful partner work himself to the bone just so we could survive.

Although I couldn’t see exactly how this was all going to piece together, I decided to do what I could at the time and I believed that bit by bit the rest would unfold, and it did!

I started forming the database for the website and getting as much information as I could, all the while I was searching online how to put it all together and make it work. The challenge was of course, how to make it all work on a budget, there wasn’t a spare couple thousand dollars sitting in the account for a rainy day. Changes had to be made in the way of spending so as to afford this new business project, just the same as money is set aside for Christmas and Birthdays.

There was still one piece of the puzzle I was needing to achieve and although it was just another piece, it was a very important piece. Putting together the business means contracts, plans, agreements not to mention, setting up financial tables and doing all the registering necessary to make it a business. This is the commitment part, the point of no return, once it is all signed, sealed and delivered then you have to commit.

Missing piece
Missing piece

For something this big I wasn’t about to go it alone and a good friend told me about a course I could take where I could get all the help I needed in doing this, so this then became my next stepping stone and I took hold of it with both hands and never looked back.

Since completing the course, I am officially a business owner, I get to work my own hours from home in a business I thoroughly enjoy. There are still a few things that are a bit daunting here and there but the more I do them, the easier it gets 🙂 Though my website is not yet online, I am much happier than I have been in a long time, I have achieved something that if you had told me 2 years ago I would do, I would have probably smiled and kept walking.

Every day I am excited to get out of bed and work, that’s how it should be for all of us, even on a Sunday, best thing is, the more work I do now to perfect the website, the easier it is for me later and eventually I won’t even have to work eight or even five hours a day. I’m predicting that in a maybe a years time I will only need to work perhaps a total of 12 hours a week. Now that is certainly a goal worth working hard for 🙂

Fantastic offering

Finally the website for Squnches Craft Network is ready to launch tomorrow on November 1st.

This has been a huge dream of mine for so long, it started out as just a little idea, then a dream and then something which nearly consumed me, to make the best interactive craft business directory around, one that was fun, exciting, full of information and a gallery of photos, where anyone can be a part of it no matter their craft or experience level.

With the help of a really good friend from Inspire Media the website was put together with some really cool software, anyone wanting a website no matter how big or small should get in touch with these guys, they really are fantastic!

For the launch of the website we are offering an amazing deal to all Australian craft businesses.

50% off

Business Listings
Business Listings, currency is Australian dollars

I will let you all in on a secret now, we are already thinking of expanding to included overseas businesses.

This site was created thanks to a lot of input and many wonderful ideas from everyday people and businesses themselves, it is expected to become something huge!

Not just an ordinary directory, there is a gallery for photos of business stock, your own projects and creations, a calendar for upcoming events where people can comment if they are attending or not and where in the event they might be situated, not only that but a sales section so that any registered and listed business can advertise their upcoming sales.

Its the one stop site for craft businesses and craft minded people, no more searching all over the internet to find what you are looking for, take a look at this site and within moments you can find just what you are looking for.



Colourful and cute

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks working on a fantastic surprise for all of you 🙂 Can’t tell you what it is yet, you’ll just have to wait.

I’ve also managed to get some more done on my Sunburst Crochet blanket, still not perfect at it but it is something that is really enjoyable. I’d always seen blankets like this that are solid colours so I’ve chosen to use multicolored wool instead of changing all the time.


I haven’t quite got them all perfect and the same size but I am hoping that this won’t matter too much. This blanket is certainly going to be an original and it will only get better from here.

Anyone out there thinking they would love to add a little colour to their bed, their couch or just wanting to create a lovely blanket, then this is certainly the one for you. It is not very difficult at all and there are plenty of sites where you can easily learn the steps to making these colourful little squares 🙂


Heavenly Beading

Well I was out with my trusty list, once again with the eyes closed and I pointed with my finger landing on a Beading businesses this time. My old weakness thanks to all the colour of the beads that would shine and sparkle at me, begging me to buy them and make a gorgeous necklace or bracelet.

All the colour, the variety, the possibilities, its all so much here in this business for those who love beads 🙂 Bead and Crystal Heaven is the business for today, located at The Entrance in N.S.W or right at your fingertips online, whichever you prefer.

One item that this business has in spades is Swarovski items from crystals, pendants, fasteners and even trimming, if Swarovski is your thing then you will be right at home here. They also supply plenty of other beads such as cats eye beads, cloisonne, Czech and even handmade glass beads, plastic beads along with resin just to add a couple more to the list.


Now everyone knows that if you are working with beads then you need something to string them on and you can find that in this store too, plenty of artistic wire, bead thread, elastics, chains and even cords, everything the happy beadworker could ever want.

If this is perhaps the first time you’ve heard of this business, take a peek at their website and see if it’s something for you, never know, you could just find yourself a bargain. 🙂


More Than Meets The Eye

This lovely quilting and fabric shop I’m about to tell you about is one that I’ve been to a few times before, it is in my home town of Port Lincoln. Though it might not be as big as the shops you would find in the city, it certainly has a nice variety of materials, supplies and projects, much more available in the shop than you can see on their website I assure you.

Patchwork Pear 03The friendly staff at The Patchwork Pear can help you with just about any problem you might have regarding quilting, they supply a wonderful assortment of wadding and can even put your quilt together for you, for a fee of course. If you are not comfortable in placing online orders using Paypal then give them a call and they can arrange something for you.

Patchwork Pear 02
9 Wise Owls – The Patchwork Pear
Patchwork Pear 01
Blossom – The Patchwork Pear

You can even take classes, find a range of fabrics, they sell sewing machines and a variety of kits and projects plus all the tools you need to complete a beautiful masterpiece. The Patchwork Pear is, in a way, a bit like a book, you can’t go judging it from its website alone.

Mixing and Matching

Crafty people would all know this stage, I call it mix and match, its when you are starting something new and looking around a shop or online, you already have a basket full of possibilities but you are still needing that one item, or possibly two items, that will just tie it all together and make it one of those wonderful masterpieces. Anyone reading this been in that position? I’ve been in that situation many times.

Bead lovers will love this next business, it is certainly a wonderland for them and perhaps people making a quilt or bag and wanting to add a little extra to it. This business is one where you can walk in, or take a look on their website and within a matter of moments, have so many possibilities that you forget what you were looking for in the first place.

DB1343 DBSPA-LtGreen_lg DB098 DBSL-Sapphire_lg

Selonj Beads & Craft is an Adelaide business located at 46A Churchill Road in Ovingham, if you have trouble finding the business, it is on the left side of the road as you head North on Churchill Road, about 400 meters from the Churchill and Torrens intersection and just before the corner of Clifton and Churchill Road. The building has above it in big white letters on a black background ‘Bush Ballad Collectables’ which is the business next to it. There you can find some lovely pearls if you are looking to make a pearl necklace, add them to a bag to give it a bit extra, glass beads or stardust beads, charms, drops and even pendants, books and so much more.







If you have maybe never done beading before then don’t panic, they hold classes for both the beginner and the professional beader, there are also regular classes in basic techniques so don’t worry if it has been awhile since you picked up some beads, you can slide on into one of these classes to refresh your memory 🙂

Beads Galore

Years ago when I was a child I used to love beading, I even had a loom and used to make some gorgeous necklaces and chokers too. Trouble for me was that there were not many places around to buy beads, I didn’t live in the city and the internet was only just taking off.

Now days you can find pretty much everything you ever dreamed of right at your fingertips, so I went back and found a beading site that is just the sort I would have loved to have in my little home town.

Bead Them Up is a wonderful store, also online, where you can find everything your beading heart desires, unless of course you make your own beads. They offer classes for those just learning the craft or wanting to expand their skills, many projects for all skill levels and they even offer repairs.

5133_150_160 5322_150_160



Now they don’t look to supply the little glass beads at this stage, they instead supply gemstones, pearls and swarovski beads which are really eye catching, and if you find some beads you love but don’t know what to do with them, have a hunt through their projects, you could just turn them into a lovely pair of earrings 🙂

If you are in N.S.W and close to their address of Shop 3, 284 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate, drop on in and have a look, they have far more to see than I could ever hope to put on this post 🙂

Something New to Consider

Lately I’ve posted in my Crafty Businesses section nothing but businesses that supply fabrics, patterns and designs, threads and all things needed for patchwork quilting and other projects. So I thought to widen the variety with perhaps a craft/hobby that not too many people do these days yet something so very beautiful.

Leadlighting and Glass blowing, I remember as a kid seeing this glass blowing kit and thinking that would be really amazing but never got it, I don’t know why, you can create some amazing things with them.

I’d always thought that leadlighing was just done for windows to make them look a little more fancy, I’ve been proved wrong, you can create some very cool suncatchers and even lamp shades plus heaps more.

So if you have a creative bone in your body and up for something new or a challenge, I came across this wonderful leadlight website you really should have a look at.

The Leadlight Workshop, you can sign up for classes, pick up a project or two, have a look at what people have made and of course, pick up all you need to create some very impressive pieces of art.

lf011 lf013 lf003 lf002 lf017 lf019

So much inspiration

If I wasn’t so careful I would end up with such a pile of debt and such a wonderful pile of fabric to go with it 🙂 I guess that’s what you could call happily in debt.

For all you crafty people out there, you sewers, quilters and quite frankly anyone who loves to make beautiful things out of fabric, have I found a beauty for you. This business is in Clayfield in Queensland but don’t panic if you are nowhere near because they of course have a website, which is great for me because they stock some stunning fabrics.

Ella doll














Though if you are not after fabric and more interested in finding a project you can work on while in the area or even while traveling around Australia, then look up Apatchy Quilting, they have a lovely range of stitcheries and kits you can really wrap your creativity around.

I’ve heard some people pick up little projects from towns they have visited as a memento, instead of buying a magnet I guess, makes good sense to me 🙂

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