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Dedication, Patience and Faith

Some of you may already know about my business and upcoming website, which has taken a little longer than expected.

Many months ago it all started with an idea, an idea which was not only to help myself with locating things on the internet but also to help others. I’m crafty and creative by nature, holding down a 9-5 job in an office is not my idea of work, its more like a prison sentence and many other crafty people will agree with me here.

Offices felt like a prison

Due to the situation at the time and people telling me to ‘get a real job’ or ‘get a normal job’ I went ahead and worked in these offices day after day, week after week, month after month never really succeeding in working in an enjoyable business.

The only thing for me to come out of working was the pay, it wasn’t the kind that would make me wealthy so I could afford everything I ever dreamed of, but it was enough for me at the time to save up and also spend a little on myself, that was until the stress of everything going on at work started making me sick.

I wish

Work is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, something you get out of bed for and can’t wait to start because you are so excited to see just what the day has in store. This job just wasn’t it. Due to a wonderful happening, I met my amazing partner and a couple months later I threw in the towel and gave up work, I was stressed almost beyond repair, 27 and it felt like I was having a mid life crisis already.

After some time off to recover I then started to wonder what I was going to do next, we couldn’t survive on just his wage, I couldn’t expect him to do all the work for the rest of his life, that wouldn’t be fair on him.

I took to pen and paper and wrote a list of all the skills and talents I have, all the qualifications and also all the things I enjoy doing the most and I came up with a wonderful business idea, but that was all it was, just an idea.

A wonderful idea
A wonderful idea

Determination played a big part in transforming this idea into reality, determination which came from me seeing the situation we were in and thinking ‘enough is enough’ I wasn’t about to see my wonderful partner work himself to the bone just so we could survive.

Although I couldn’t see exactly how this was all going to piece together, I decided to do what I could at the time and I believed that bit by bit the rest would unfold, and it did!

I started forming the database for the website and getting as much information as I could, all the while I was searching online how to put it all together and make it work. The challenge was of course, how to make it all work on a budget, there wasn’t a spare couple thousand dollars sitting in the account for a rainy day. Changes had to be made in the way of spending so as to afford this new business project, just the same as money is set aside for Christmas and Birthdays.

There was still one piece of the puzzle I was needing to achieve and although it was just another piece, it was a very important piece. Putting together the business means contracts, plans, agreements not to mention, setting up financial tables and doing all the registering necessary to make it a business. This is the commitment part, the point of no return, once it is all signed, sealed and delivered then you have to commit.

Missing piece
Missing piece

For something this big I wasn’t about to go it alone and a good friend told me about a course I could take where I could get all the help I needed in doing this, so this then became my next stepping stone and I took hold of it with both hands and never looked back.

Since completing the course, I am officially a business owner, I get to work my own hours from home in a business I thoroughly enjoy. There are still a few things that are a bit daunting here and there but the more I do them, the easier it gets 🙂 Though my website is not yet online, I am much happier than I have been in a long time, I have achieved something that if you had told me 2 years ago I would do, I would have probably smiled and kept walking.

Every day I am excited to get out of bed and work, that’s how it should be for all of us, even on a Sunday, best thing is, the more work I do now to perfect the website, the easier it is for me later and eventually I won’t even have to work eight or even five hours a day. I’m predicting that in a maybe a years time I will only need to work perhaps a total of 12 hours a week. Now that is certainly a goal worth working hard for 🙂

Incredible Duct Tape Surfing

I’m not sure how many people out there know about this wonderful and amazing story, whether it is known overseas or just in Australia.

In the town of Elliston just a short drive from my hometown of Port Lincoln in South Australia, there is a lovely lady by the name of Pascale Honore who had a car accident some 18 years ago which left her a paraplegic which, you would think, left her dreams of surfing shattered. Pascale fell in love with the town of Elliston many years ago for the surf and the quiet and relaxing lifestyle, she also loves to watch her kids surf the waves that break on the reef just outside of town. Though she loved watching them it frustrated her immensely that she couldn’t be out there enjoying the surf with them.

Surf at Elliston

Determined not to let her disability get to her, she got on with life but while waiting for the day she would walk again she wondered what to do, then it dawned on her, why not pursue her surfing dream? Thats when Ty, a professional diver and good friend of one of her sons, came up with a plan that would result in Pascale being able to surf thanks to a backpack, a roll of duct tape and a whole lot of courage.

The backpack which Pascale wears.

How does this work, well the backpack now has leg holes cut in the bottom for Pascale’s legs, once her legs are in the holes she is lifted onto Ty’s back and another helper winds the duct tape around the pair’s shoulders, waists and legs.

Getting strapped in.

Many people thought they were crazy and offered all kinds of suggestions like practicing with a 45kg backpack first, not a great idea considering it is a dead weight and not buoyant like a person is. They first practiced being towed behind a mate’s jet ski on flat water and found that they could do it, so it was then on to bigger and better things.

Their very first wave

Ty and Pascale were strapped together and then on a surfboard they were towed out to the well known Blackfella’s reef break where the surfers in the water at the time, couldn’t quite believe what was going on but soon saw an amazing sight. Ty and Pascale’s first wave was a success, a wonderful memory that neither will ever forget, especially Pascale who remembers looking up and seeing all the colours of the wave above their heads and then feeling as though it was all over too soon.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, they have even been scuba diving together and they have been shark cage diving!

Scuba Diving

Their next goal is a road trip in an old Toyota Coaster bus with a wheelchair lift, over to the Western Australian coast where pro surfer Ry Craike has promised to tow them into a big wave off Kalbarri. With a new surfboard thanks to Fanatic Surfboards and a duct tape sponsorship, the pair are floating on cloud nine and can’t wait for the big day.

1003311_167886713393453_165747577_nYou can follow their amazing story on Facebook by searching Duct Tape Surfing or simply clicking the link, if you are wanting to donate towards their road trip click here and you can take a look at their website which gives a reward for donations. 🙂



Not a Good Samaritan, a WONDERFUL Samaritan

Not often do you hear or read a good story in the news, especially one involving a shop owner yelling out “Stop thief!” before a good Samaritan takes off in hot pursuit of this so called thief, only in Hollywood right?

A write up from SA Police News was just that and I would love to share it with you all 🙂


Like a scene from the movies, a Good Samaritan chased a suspected jewellery thief through the streets around the Central Market this morning – not even giving up when the robber jumped into a taxi!

At about 11:30am today, the suspect pinched a gold chain, valued at over $6,000 from a jewellery shop in the Central Market.

The shop owner gave chase yelling “Stop thief!”. A passer-by saw the commotion and joined in the chase, managing to corner the suspect. The jewellery thief handed over the gold chain to the member of the public and then ran off down Morphett Street and jumped into a taxi.

But our Good Samaritan didn’t give up there! He handed the gold chain back to the victim, who had just caught up, and took off after the taxi! He caught up with the taxi in traffic, back in Gouger Street. The taxi driver pulled over, the suspect jumped out of the cab and the foot pursuit was back on.

The witness phoned the police while chasing the suspect through various streets. Police patrols converged on the area and found the exhausted suspect back on Morphett Street. Thanks to the tenacity of the Good Samaritan, the 30-year old man from no fixed place was arrested, charged with robbery and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court tomorrow.


Henry’s Water Tank

Phillippa may have kept the house running and sparkling clean but it was Henry who did something truly amazing and well before anyone every thought of it, what he did kept the family healthy and to be healthy back then was a big thing as there were so many diseases around that could kill a person.

Water was a big problem, the Moonta Mine company had a big ‘still’ which treated water from the mine, which was salty. Trouble was that the result of this treatment to the water created water which was almost unpalatable, they sold it from 2 pence to 6 pence a bucket.

There were springs South of Moonta which were brackish and of little use, so this ruled them out. The primary way that people in Moonta got water was from the rains, rainwater, believe it or not, was Moonta’s most treasured possession. When it rained everyone raced out with anything in which they could collect water, which was then saved.

This way of collecting water was also very dangerous and a deadly activity. The unusual method was by surface drain into an underground tank, which was usually walled about 3 feet above ground for safety for the children but the tank was left open at the top. A hole at the ground level let the water from rain run off, into the tank. The sediment in the run off settled to the bottom leaving clear drinkable water on top.

Unfortunately the bacteria did not settle out, and this was the source of many of the deadly diseases of which typhoid was the most prevalent, followed by all of the other diseases including cholera, which took their toll on both adults and children.

What Henry did was he roofed his tank with corrugated iron, by doing this it kept rubbish out and provided a clean extra catchment for run off into the tank. No surface water got into his tank as it came from the corrugated iron roof gutters, and down pipes fed the tank. He soon then installed the normal round corrugated iron tank on a stand at the back of his house.

By doing what he did with the tanks, it gave immeasurable benefit to the family in the future, epidemics did still cost him and Phillippa some of their children but the family no had a source of water with which, if they were careful, they could get through each summer in comfort. The other benefit was that in hot weather, the water was always cool.

Modern day angels renew my faith in humanity

I saw a wonderful sight today, I’d just dropped my partner off at work (he is an interstate truck driver) and on my way home, with him following behind me in his truck for part of the way. We encountered the usual traffic and traffic lights, everyone wanting to get home after work etc.

We were stopped at this big intersection waiting for the lights to change in our favour, it was going to be awhile, about 5 roads meet at this intersection. Anyway, what caught my eye was this young little boy happily pushing his mum across the road in her wheelchair on the other side of the intersection. Nothing unusual there until I looked away at the cars in the car yard, dreaming of one day owning a nice new car when I looked back to the little boy and found him by the empty wheelchair on the other side of the road. They had crossed the road safely but the boy had trouble pushing his mum up the little ramp onto the sidewalk so they could continue on along the sidewalk.

Looking closer I saw his mum had fallen out of the wheelchair, half on the little ramp and half on the sidewalk, thankfully not on the road, with the boy standing by her helplessly. In that moment, in the blink of an eye, two guys from different cars waiting at the lights closest to them, rushed out of their cars, raced across the road which was 3 lanes of traffic and helped get the boy’s mum back in her wheelchair and back onto the sidewalk.

They managed this and still got back to their own cars a moment after the lights had changed to keep the traffic flowing. How amazing is that? This wonderfully kind gesture and helping hand has really restored my faith in humanity, that there are nice people out there who help those in need even if they are a complete stranger.

Working on the Railways

That was the career my Great Grandfather William had. William was married to my wonderful Great Grandmother Ivy (The one whose house always smelt like a bakery).

Born in late 1903 in Boulder W.A, William spent much of his life living in South Australia and working on the railways as a Railway Overseer and as a Railway Porter. He was the guy in charge of all the freight coming in and going out, making sure it was all there and unloaded and loaded correctly. Bit of a stressful job but if you got a good team then it would run pretty smoothly.

I found it funny yet interesting when I was doing volunteer work at the railway yards where he worked, the guy who was in charge, Bob, actually knew William and told a funny and unfortunate story of how he got to know him.

Bob had just got work at the Railway yard and it was his first day there when he was asked to shift some of the carriges so they were lined up to go into the freight dock for loading. Well one thing led to another and there was a misunderstanding thrown in there and the carriges went through the gate, into the freight dock causing just a little bit of damage.

Well, as you could imagine, the guy in charge of the freight dock (William) came running out and tore strips off poor Bob who in turn said he was just doing what he was asked. When William found out who it was that gave him the ‘stupid request’ he went and put him in his place too.

What a way to start your first day on the job, I can understand how you would never forget someone like that. I quite enjoyed helping out at the railway yard and didn’t mind helping the guys with their painting and restoration work, working where William once had.

The other area where I helped out was at the passanger terminal, looking back over the old maps, tickets and even the time books was incredible, to see the old hand writing, it was like art compared to how we write today.

Smoko time was the best, sitting out on the dock in the sun and watching the trains coming and going and even watching them shunting (moving carriges around here and there and connecting up the ones they need). Its pretty noisy when they line it all up and then stop, you then hear all the carriages knock against the one in front, when you got some 40 or more carriages, thats a lot of noise.

I think there might be a little bit of love for the railways in me just like it was in William.

If you would like to have a look at the railway yard, click here

The backbone of the family

I was flicking through some of my papers on my family history and looking through the photos I have all neatly stashed away when, to my delight, I came across a photo of four generations of the women in my family.

It got me thinking, where would our families be without the women, the backbone of our families? How would the children have been raised if the woman didn’t stay home to feed, bathe and clothe them?

In my family the women have been, not only someone to help bring in money, but also the one to raise the children, cook the meals, clean the house. Sounds like a pretty good backbone to any family if you ask me.

Women these days and families too are changing with the times, sure its still traditional for the woman to stay home and look after the house and raise the family, but it is becoming more and more common to see the man stay home and look after the kids.

Probably the biggest challenge I see families facing these days is, no longer is it easy to live off just the man’s wage, the price of everything is going up these days but the salary isn’t going up to match it, such a shame really. It makes life hard for the children as both parents seem to have to work, one working full time and another perhaps part time, so wheres the time for kids?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much women have done for society and families all around the world and I really do hope that some changes are made so that parents can spend time with their kids like they used to.

Women in history truly are wonderful 🙂


Hello Again Pop

My great grandfather Arthur, better known as Pop, passed before I was born, though I’ve heard so much about him its like I was there. If you have read my earlier posts about my family, he is the lovely man who wrote the poem for his wife Iris. Unfortunately I do not have a photo to upload at the moment, I’ve added it to my ‘to do’ list so I can fill in the blanks. I’m sure my Mum has a photo of him dressed as the cheeky Andy Capp in the local town parade somewhere. Instead I’ve located a photo of the family, Iris, Arthur and their children (my grandma and her siblings)

Born in 1909, little unsure of the town he was born in but it was over in England, my guess would be Lancashire. He and Iris married in 1930. Their marriage was soon followed by children, 4 in fact, 2 sons and 2 daughters. There was a little secret with the wedding and after talking with Iris I soon found what it was. The wedding was in mid January of 1930, Arthur and Iris’s first child was born in mid June of that year, I always thought pregnancies lasted 9 months, looks like this one was started a little earlier than the wedding. Bit of a no no back in those days but it never changed their relationship or love for each other.

Needing a sea change, Arthur moved the family to Australia after aquiring a job in a laundromat in South Australia. He didn’t send for the family until he had accommodation and finances first to support them all.

I can only imagine how much of a challenge it was to move an entire family overseas to a foreign country, away from your family and all you know well.

This side of my family is a bit of an unknown, there doesn’t seem to be a family bible or any other genealogy to go off and much of the family is still back in the United Kingdom. Much of what I have done with this side of the family has been from word of mouth first and then checked via census records and the like.

If you would like to know some helpful websites, leave a comment and I can list many for you that should be of some help 🙂


This was a poem written by my late Great Grandfather for his wife. I’m sure once you read it, you will understand the story and why it was written and if not, then I’ll explain it at the bottom of the poem.


Two little girls come prancing down the street

looking so tidy so prim and so neat

as usual with flowers arranged as a posey

chosen so carefully and carried so cosy

Their flaxen hair brushed and tied up with ribbon

sometimes red, or blue, or yellow with dots

They cross over the road and enter the shop

and breathlessly call out ‘are you there Pop?’

I answer back and say ‘here I am

getting this lady some bread and some ham.’

So up they both come and show me their flowers

I say ‘how lovely, must have taken you hours.’

They say ‘no, we soon gathered them in

“Please Pop – isnanarin?’

Three little ‘cubs’ come bursting right in

‘we just called to see you’ they say with a grin

we’re off to the scout hall to do our drill

like “Do this , do that – now stand perfectly still”

Then off they go with a ‘yike’ and a ‘yowel’

and soon on the air floats a discordant howl

Later that evening they come sauntering back

with tales of thir prowess in their wolf cub pack

And badges and ribbons to prove its no bull,

so I listen and nod and decide, lifes never dull

Then comes the query above all the din

“Please Pop – isnanarin?”

On Saturday morning when busy with shoppers

up draws a Holden with pack rack and four toddlers

Its Jack and his family to select the weeks goods

like groceries and veges and fruit and new spuds

While I serve customers who come in time to time

Barbara gets her goods ready and sets them in line

The toddlers ‘Lindy’ and ‘Carol’ and new baby ‘Heather’

look round and usually find where the lolls are all together

While Ashley the eldest just looks at the comics

and reads about Batman and all Phantom frolics

Then they all come and ask with a grin

“Please Pop – isnanarin?”

Two little girls still come down the street

and three young cubs scouts call in every week

The Holden still comes to the shop on a Sat

while Pop carries on selling this and serving that

But no longer do voices call out when they get in

“Please Pop – isnanarin?’

For Nana has now gone away overseas

to visit relations and give them a squeeze

To smell the sweet violets and primroses too

when Spring follows Winter and chills of the flu

To sit in the park after rain is all gone

or buzz off to town where shopping is done

And return to her sister whose house she now lives in

and perhaps in her dreams hears a whisper

“Please Pop – isnanarin?”

Written by A.I.R Cross 16/02/1972

This beautiful poem is the one my Great Grandfather wrote for his wife Iris when she went back to England to be with family and he thought that she would never return to him. All the people mentioned in the poem are uncles and aunts of mine, even my mum is mentioned in the poem.

For those who may not have worked it out, isnanarin? = is nana in? Family members would call into Nan and Pop’s shop all the time and for awhile one of the questions was ‘isnanarin?’ they all wanted to know if she was back or when she would be back. It took awhile and a few trips overseas before Iris settled for good here in Australia and realised that her family was here, all around her.